Fuji Track Elite

Fuji is one of the few brands in recent years to have committed to developing a new carbon track frame – the Fuji Track Elite. It’s a very nice addition to the market – sizing, features & price are all positives compared to competing products. I built one up for the first time so had an opportunity to take some photos and measurements.

The Frame shown is the 49cm, it weighed in at 1499g, with 456g for the uncut fork and 278g for the uncut seatpost. The fork steerer is 4g per 10mm and the seatpost 2.6g per 10mm so their final weights were 406g and 254g respectively.

One of my hobbies over the years has been collecting aero frame dimensions – you can view the full list here. The Fuji Track Elite is clearly oriented towards stiffness with a 38mm wide down tube, tapered fork steerer and the fairly solid frame weight. However, clever design features like maximising the head tube gusset within the UCI rules and smooth shaping should ensure that the aerodynamic performance is very good.

Fuji Track Elite
Wide stance on the forks for good wheel clearanceFuji Track Elite
The all important UCI approval sticker clearly displayed on the top tube so you never have to fight with the commissaires. And the recessed seatpost binder bolt.Fuji Track Elite
Ritchey rail clamp for easy adjustment and extensive range.Fuji Track Elite
I really like the headset top cap, it’s a design I’ve been wanting to see for years. Unfortunately the compression plug didn’t fit in the fork so I had to use something else.Fuji Track Elite
The stock post is long enough for me to ride this frame, though I daren’t think of the stem length required

The build was very easy – threads were clean and everything about the frame was nicely finished. As mentioned above – the fork compression plug didn’t fit inside the steerer no matter how much I squeezed which is a bit of a pain, but that’s the only oversight I could find.

Prior to selecting this frame I had calculated and drawn up both Sprint and Pursuit positions so we could be sure of achieving both nicely. For this rider the Fuji Track Elite 49cm is the only high level carbon track frame that fits. Which is lucky given that the price and projected performance were also favourable.

The parts were taken from her previous bike – finding the 36cm wide Pista bars had been such a mission that we weren’t going to be repeating the exercise. Complete bike weight of 7.26kg without any attention paid to trying to save weight.

Fuji Track Elite
Now you can see why the seatpost had to be cut. 7.26kg as shownFuji Track Elite
View from the drivers seat.Fuji Track Elite
What the wind seesFuji Track Elite
One of the frame drawings I did during the decision making process to ensure we could get a good pursuit position

The rider is, quite understandably, stoked with how it has turned out. Careful planning pays off. And as a final plus – the paint comes up beautifully with a bit of polish…


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