Our services are based on knowledge, data and passion

You will be hard pressed to find anyone in the world with more knowledge than David around aero bars, bike geometry or bike tyres. Hence why in cycle forums he is named Cyclenutnz.

He has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Statistics from Auckland University - so not surprisingly a lot is based on data. 

David has trained experienced bike fitters around the world and has put his bike fitting knowledge into the creation of some exceptional bike fitting tools and bike parts.

This knowledge and passion has lead to our three main service offerings:

Whether your goal is to take on the world champs or your weekend warrior mates we can ensure you are comfortable and efficient in your riding.

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David takes a very analytical approach to coaching and works with power data and other information to work closely with you to determine the best course of action on a weekly basis for each athlete. 

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David and Nicky offer a variety of consulting services in the bike industry from race analysis to frame geometry consulting to running events.  

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