Bike Fitting Services

"I’ve been doing Half Ironman and Ironman races since 1998 and had 4-5 ‘professionals’ set me up, but still struggled off the bike until David helped me out, best Ironman run time of 3:20."

- Scott, Triathlete


David's coaching is very analytical. His mantra is to train smarter (which may be harder), not longer. Most of his client's are fitting training around full time jobs and family life. So it becomes even more important to not fill the training time with 'junk' miles. Every session has a purpose.

About David's work with Profile Design - written by SlowTwitch DAN EMPFIELDThu Jun 09 2022 David is the head of R&D at Profile Design and if you see something clever from this company there’s a very good chance itRead more

Tokyo Olympics Triathlon Mixed Team Relay Analysis

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IMNZ Results Analysis

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IM NZ 2021 Forecast

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Proportional Crank Length

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Speed Theory Athlete About To Suffer Again

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New Tauranga Half Course

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Everesting Preparation

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Fuji Track Elite

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Ironman Kona 2013 Preliminary Analysis

As most who follow Long Distance Triathlon will realise – the Hawaiian Ironman was raced yesterday. The conditions were unusually mild and the racing was particularly fierce, which led to someRead more

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