3D Bike Fit Position

Drawing on 20 years helping riders into their individually best position we use a mix of science and experience to improve your relationship with the bike.

We use the Velogicfit 3D Motion system to measure your limb angles and stability on the bike, the camera helps to find movements that may not be visible to the naked eye and can visually show you, the rider, how your knee is tracking or your lateral body movements.

The goal of every fit is to define an individually optimised position – to suit your:

  • goals

  • experience

  • current fitness

  • limitations (injury, range of motion)

The metrics from the advanced analysis are balanced against rider feedback to derive a comfortable and sustainable position.

As a result of your bike fit you will be provided with a fit report that shows your optimal position on your bike. You may need to take this into your local bike shop to have adjustments made to your bike to achieve this position.


Bike Fit Session $400 (includes report summarising outcomes and measurements)
Second Position $250 (ie if you wish to have both road and tri positions done in the same session)

Bookings by appointment, weekdays only between 9am - 5pm - please note you may need to book a few weeks in advance. Click here to contact us to book your bike fit with us. 

3D Aero Frontal Area Analysis

3D Aero Analysis is to assess your aerodynamics if speed is a primary driver of your fit for your bike, it enables David to assess the aerodynamic impact of fit changes within our studio.

While not a complete replacement for the wind tunnel, 3D Aero presents accurate data on frontal area, alongside projected power targets for relative distances and target splits, and can be used alongside 3D Motion to provide a comprehensive high-performance fit for amateur to elite cyclists and triathletes. 3D Aero utilises a 3D Camera to automatically measure the frontal area of a rider. 


An Advanced Bike Fit includes the 3D Bike Fit Session (as above) and provides the frontal area analysis and fit report for $500.

Bookings by appointment, weekdays only between 9am - 5pm - please note you may need to book a few weeks in advance. Click here to contact us to book or enquire about your advanced bike fit with us. 


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