Trek Speed Concept 7.5 2012

For 2012 the Speed Concept 7.5 upgrades to an OCLV frame (slightly higher manufacturing quality than the previous TCT) but mimics the paint scheme of the 2011 7.0.

Here are a few images of a recent build. Though I must apologise for the poor lighting – I don’t have quite the same obsession with taking photos that I do for bikes or analysis.

Only a few changes from stock on this bike. Bontrager S-Bend aerobars swapped to Vision J-Bend for better comfort/fit, Bontrager carbon basebar swapped to Vision alloy UCI legal to give a better handhold, cranks swapped to compact (but still Ultegra) to aid staying aero on hills, ISM Adamo saddle fitted for comfort/fit and a stubby stem fitted too.

Add-ons are the Speed box, Draft Box, Look pedals, Bontrager Duotrap integrated speed/cadence sensor and a Bontrager Node 2 computer. Unfortunately, as with other 7-Series bikes I’ve worked on the Speed Box required new holes drilled so the front of the box wouldn’t foul the cables as they enter the frame.

One of the nice things about the Speed Concept is the taller (than traditional for a TT bike) head tube. On a Cervelo we’d have needed a much taller spacer stack to achieve this position.
The Speed Concept was chosen after a session on the fit bike to determine the best tri position for this rider and supplied by Evolution Cycles.

I would comment that it’s probably not the bike to get if weight matters to you – 8.9kg as pictured (without draft/speed boxes and computer). And I weighed a Medium size TCT frame (2011 7.5 model) at 1624g for frame and 559g for fork so there are certainly lighter options. The aero qualities and comfort are what make this bike worthwhile rather than a competition on the scales.

And as a final note. White spokes are a pain. If you don’t like cleaning each spoke individually swap the wheels out when you buy this bike.


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