38mm Wheels – Ideal for Novices

For those of you not familiar with cycling grades – Novice refers to the Under 17 age group. For the younger age categories there are restrictions on gearing and equipment. Most notably that they can’t have carbon wheels.

So these are among the fastest wheels that a Novice rider is allowed to use. Not that their use is restricted to that category as they are good speed per dollar for any age.
View of the hubs

The rims are 38mm deep and 20mm wide (made by Kinlin) and have been built up with 20 front and 24 rear bladed stainless steel spokes. Hubs are reliable but reasonably light models from Novatec. The wheelset weighed in at 1711 grams.

If you’re interested in wheels like this then obviously I can build them, or you could talk to Tristan at Wheelworks (in Wellington) to get some really flash hub and spoke options and an overdose of wheel building knowledge (Tristan really cares about wheels!).


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