Profile Design ASC-Pro

The ASC-Pro is the new, top level integrated extension from Profile Design. It has been carefully shaped to smooth airflow around the arm and minimise flat surfaces presented to the wind.

The extension and grip are based on the 43ASC so will be familiar to any users of those extensions. The armcup is a highsided design to provide support for a narrow elbow position.

Full carbon construction and a pared down bracket design work to improve both aerodynamics and the weight compared to standard brackets and extensions.


The ASC-Pro will be available in three sizes - 325mm, 350mm & 375mm.

The natural angle of the extension is 15 degrees. Tilt wedge kits can be purchased to alter this:

Negative wedge kit: -1,-2,-3,-4,-5 as individual pieces

Positive wedge kit: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as individual pieces. They can be stacked to achieve a 25deg extension angle.

There are two bracket options

5mm offset - this gives the 170mm and 150mm armrest width positions

15mm offset, this gives the 190mm and 130mm armrest width positions

The brackets can also be flipped fore-aft to achieve a 20mm reduction in reach. If you use the rearward position you will also need a 10mm adaptor riser.


The ASC-Pro system is only compatible with bars that use the Profile Design A3 riser system, or the A2 system with an adaptor.

A3 Platform Bars:

  • Profile Design Wing Ultimate (coming soon)

  • Profile Design Wing Pro (coming soon)

  • Profile Design Wing20C+

  • BMC Speedmachine

  • Canyon Speedmax CF Disc

A2 Platform Bars:

  • Profile Design Aeria Ultimate

  • Cube Aerium Tri and TT

  • Wilier Turbine and Turbine SL

  • Orro Venturi

Note that A2 platform bars require the A2-A3 adaptor which adds 15mm of stack

The bracket system does not match the bolt spacing of any other system and will not be able to be safely attached to any bar other than those listed above.


The price will be $1700 NZD (incl GST), if you wish to place a preorder please contact us below. Delivery is expected to take place after July 2024

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